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Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs:

Let's Cut the Noise and Get You Back on Track!

Do you feel buried under a mountain of tasks and don’t know where to start? Are you juggling so many things that you can’t see what’s really holding you back? Let me help you cut through the chaos and find clarity. In just a 10-30 minute call, I can help you:

Prioritize Your Backlog

Drowning in a long to-do list? I’ll help you pinpoint the tasks that will truly move you forward and guide you in taking the next steps.

Break a Big Idea Down into Manageable Steps

Big ideas are great, but they need a plan. I’m here to help you break them down into clear, logistical steps, so you can start making progress immediately. 

Identify What’s Really Holding You Back

Feeling undisciplined, ineffective, or lazy? It’s not you. Often, it’s a hidden obstacle in your way. Together, we’ll uncover and unravel these common blockages:

The Task Isn’t “Ready”

You can’t finish what’s not prepared. We'll define what “Ready” means for each task, so you can either get it ready or set it aside for now.

YOU Aren't “Ready”

Life and work are deeply intertwined. I understand the unique challenges you face, especially if you don’t fit the outdated mold of a 1950s worker. We’ll find a tailored approach to get you Ready, whatever the reason.

It’s the Wrong Task

Sometimes your inner wisdom is blocking you because this task isn’t the correct focus for you right now. We’ll figure out the right next step together, so that you can move forward confidently.

Stop spinning your wheels!

Let’s cut the noise and get you back on track.
Book your call now and start seeing results FAST!

Amy has been tremendously helpful with improving my workflow and productivity. I’ve made significant progress on personal goals and learned a lot about how much work I can realistically expect myself to do. I would recommend Amy without reservation.

“Amy is a sincere, earnest and insightful coach. She’s always been able to generate intuitive, complex responses to my questions. As an independent, successful entrepreneur for over a decade, I’m not a quick “follower” and need a solutions-oriented perspective."

When you get to connect with her, you'll discover an amazing, broad-minded, and detail oriented person. I strongly endorse Amy and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. 

Nicholas Macauley

Partner, Brandekko

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