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About Me

I am an Agile coach and teacher with 20 years of experience in the field. My approach is direct, practical, and action-oriented.

I work exclusively with individuals and small groups; primarily independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, and people affected by ADHD.

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"Amy has been tremendously helpful with improving my workflow and productivity. I’ve used Agile methodology in an educational setting to keep meetings focused and on track. The simple check-in format I’ve learned from Amy helps keep me focused, too! Since we started working together, I’ve made significant progress on personal goals and learned a lot about how much work I can realistically expect myself to do. I would recommend Amy without reservation."

“Amy is a sincere, earnest and insightful coach. She’s always been able to generate intuitive, complex responses to my questions. As an independent, successful entrepreneur for over a decade, I’m not a quick “follower” and need a solutions-oriented perspective. Amy is good at untangling knots and offering multiple, viable solutions to a problem."

“I attended a talk at the San Francisco Professional Career Network, and Amy spoke there about using Agile methodologies for job searching. The moment I came home, I implemented her suggestions, to great effect. The To Do/Doing/Done list is now a daily routine; and my time is not only significantly more organized, but also fully trackable at the end of a day, week, or month.”

Peter Ferber

Software Engineer

About This Method

Agile is a methodology developed by the software industry to get projects done despite the fact that tech projects tend to have a lot of emergencies, interruptions and constantly shifting resources and priorities. Agile - in one form or another - is the primary approach used to produce products and launch businesses in the technology industry today …and has been for the past ten years, because it works.  

Agile derives its name from its core strength: adaptability. Specifically: it allows the business or person using the framework to make progress despite uncertainty, interruption, or changing circumstances.

But Agile has a very wide range of uses outside of technology or business. ​Like most practitioners, I used Agile at home as well as at work, at first mainly to increase my productivity. But people have used Agile for everything from scientific research and artistic creation to personal development and getting kids to do their homework.

Agile is simple: an ordinary person can learn the basics in about ten minutes. Agile is also deep: there are literally thousands of methods, tips, and tools that have been created or discovered by various people for various purposes. 

I have found Agile to be a lot like meditation: Meditation is also simple, and effective, but you have to practice. You can do it on your own, but it helps to have a coach. I’ve been coaching and teaching Agile since 2005. I am very good at it.

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