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Affordable Coaching for the Disabled and Low-Income Communities

I'd like to offer low-cost coaching for the disabled and low-income communities, so I'm doing a trial to see if it can work and whether there's enough interest.

"Amy has been tremendously helpful with improving my workflow and productivity. I’ve used Agile methodology in an educational setting to keep meetings focused and on track. The simple check-in format I’ve learned from Amy helps keep me focused, too! Since we started working together, I’ve made significant progress on personal goals and learned a lot about how much work I can realistically expect myself to do. I would recommend Amy without reservation."

Elizabeth Bales

“Amy is a sincere, earnest and insightful coach. She’s always been able to generate intuitive, complex responses to my questions. As an independent, successful entrepreneur for over a decade, I’m not a quick “follower” and need a solutions-oriented perspective. Amy is good at untangling knots and offering multiple, viable solutions to a problem."

Jennifer Cheng

“I attended a talk at the San Francisco Professional Career Network, and Amy spoke there about using Agile methodologies for job searching. The moment I came home, I implemented her suggestions, to great effect. The To Do/Doing/Done list is now a daily routine; and my time is not only significantly more organized, but also fully trackable at the end of a day, week, or month.”

Peter Ferber

Meet Your Coach

My name is Amy Lightholder. Keep scrolling to learn more about me and what I'm offering

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About This Service

Agile is a methodology used in Tech to get projects done despite the fact that tech projects tend to have a lot of emergencies, interruptions and constantly shifting ingredients/priorities. I've been practicing and teaching people how to use Agile since 2005.

After I became disabled, I fell out of Tech but I still loved Agile. And I discovered I could apply it to my disability. 

For example, I have 'bad days' and 'good days'. 'Good days' I get a lot done, 'bad days' I stagnate or (even worse) backslide. I can never tell how many bad/good days I'm going to have, or when they'll arrive. Meanwhile, life just keeps on happening.

I've been working with the amazing Tasha Raella over the past year, developing an Agile-based method for people with ADHD, ASD, and physical disabilities that make getting stuff done challenging. By this point, I've developed a process which works pretty well - I get about as much done in a week (using this method) as I used to do in a month without it. I've gotten it to the point where I can start coaching in this method and teaching it to others.

The coaching is done with a shared Google doc during a phone call. You can be anywhere, and my iterative, evidence-based method is flexible enough to work with a wide variety of neurotypes.

So, if you're interested, just click the button!


I'm not offering it for free, since that hasn't worked out so well in the past.


But I do want to make it cheap enough for people to afford it.

So the fee is $50/hour, or $25 per session (usually, after the first session, people only need a half-hour).


I offer free 15-minute "evaluation" sessions, which is basically an interview to see if it's a good fit.

For those who've done the interview and want to move forward, I currently have room for 2 people 

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